Scrabble with Friends

A crazy Scrabble competition as you have never played it!

Come put your best word forward!

Grab some friends and join us for a light supper and fun Scrabble games.

You’ll compete as a team (8 per team) against other teams to amass the most word points in three short rounds. Play to win or just for the fun of it.

Prizes will be awarded to top teams in each round. Grand prize winners will also be recognized.

Anyone can play, and all levels of players are welcome.

“Scrabble with friends is a fantastic night of fun and a wonderful way to support the great work of ETLC”

Dana Parr

“Scrabble with Friends is a small amount of competition and a LARGE amount of fun! We wouldn’t miss it for anything and we hope to win this year!”

Kathy Cane

2023 Scrabble with Friends

2022 Leslie Carlile and Friends

October 24th
6 pm – 8:30pm

East Texas Builder’s Association

Table of 8 $ 500

Table of 4- $250

Individual Ticket -$65

Join us for a great game and a great cause!

For more information call ETLC at 903-757-9302

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